Recap of last two weeks

2016-07-12 19:55:58 by GuyUngerNL

Just wanted to quickly recap the last animation jam round

I don't know why I could do this but I decided to make a game and an animation for robot day/animation jam, in 2 weeks, while going to Hong Kong in the first week (which was a lot of fun). In hong kong I made a few drawings but nothing substantial. So the last days I was sleeping for maybe an hour every night.

Still I didn't manage to make the robot game as I hoped. I uploaded it in a super broken and contentless state (just 3 boring levels). I'm still working on it and updating it. I don't know where that places me in the competition, the date is on roboy day but am I still allowed to win that way?

But the most important thing is that I'm just really excited to be working hard again, hope you all missed me ;) (and that I can keep it up)

Going to start on the next animation round right now!


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2016-07-12 20:04:00

Good luck!


2016-07-12 20:40:49

probably because you're a fucking champion


2016-07-13 06:21:43

I'm guessing it would depend if the judges already reviewed the first version. I feel like it'd be hard to go at each entry a second pass, though for games I think you kind of need to. Welcome back!


2016-08-25 06:18:47

Are you ever going to make a full version of Lognes Island?

GuyUngerNL responds:

Maybe not, the idea of making a super nes like game seemed very interesting, but I didn't know it was already done (shovel knight).
I do like making metroidvania games so I might make a game that uses a lot of what's in this game!

And thanks for the nice review on the game <3