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whahah, I thought my animation started playing in all of a sudden. How did we chose the same song for our animation entry?

wappa responds:

did you search "loop" in the audio portal last minute, find the song, and said "close enough?" because that's what i did

so much wrong with this video..
If you want to teach people about science in a spiritual way that's cool but please just do more research. People here really believe everything you say, so it's a shame it's so damn wrong

The sounds, music, game-ish feeling and your amazing style worked together so nicely. This is brilliant

Butzbo responds:

For some reason it was particularly fun to make an animation that felt so related to games in general, Thanks Wolve! :D

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You're trying to make a game like vlambeer, the art, feel and effects totally live up to it, in some ways exceed it; the gameplay does not.
I hope to play a game of yours in the future that has this level of polish and game feel but with a really well designed engaging gameplay. Moving to some area with less zombies while aiming my mouse at places with more zombies is just a completely meaningless and boring task and picking up boxes doesn't help much.
I'm definitely going to follow your work, really looking forward to see what you could make if you put more effort into game design!

Hey this is pretty cool!
I still have to beat bloodungeon in yolo mode tho

The graphics are very nice, but you should try to think about how much time players spend waiting and replaying boring parts.
When you fall you have to wait for your lifes to go away, then there's a pause, slow fading, and go back to the start. Jumping takes long so you have to wait to reach the ground. Slow walking with lot's of places without any obstacles make you have to wait to reach something interesting. The slide starts fast but slows down to a moment where almost nothing is happening and you can't control anything.
I didn't play past the tutorial so I can't give a fair rating, but all the waiting is just too boring to even bother.
I hope you work on it more because these are easy problems to fix and the game could probably become quite interesting if you do!

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What the hell dangoval this is really fucking good

dangoval95 responds:

thanks =)

The beat feels a little too generic, but man I've listened to it like 20 times in a row now, the synths sound amazing

Sounds cool! But why don't you want people to use this in their work? Would have been cool in my animation!

SWeissenP responds:

Thank you! It's only because it's in beta version, so I will probably do many changes before it finished!

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Been waiting for your game for yeaaars. So excited to hear the project isn't dead!!

Yess I would wear that! Didn't see any of your work yet and it all looks amazing, favorited!

amenduhh responds:

Thank You! I really appreciate that. ^.^

I really liked the colors before you added the strong yellow/orange
beautiful nonetheless!

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