A trailer with let's players saying nice things

2014-09-04 08:11:49 by GuyUngerNL



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2014-09-04 19:24:27

You made a lot of good games this year and I hope there are more to come, cheers.

GuyUngerNL responds:

thank you very much Miroko! ^^


2014-09-23 23:25:52

I haven't been able to write reviews for years, but I just wanted to say (and this goes for your friend as well), your ALS game is really really cool. Albeit predictable, it doesn't matter because it's so immersive (because you feel YOURSELF getting weaker as opposed to reading about it.)

I hope many people play it, and I hope you continue to develop more. You certainly made me more aware of the disease!

GuyUngerNL responds:

that's so nice to hear toxicdevil93!
I'm so glad the game worked like we hoped on so many people
And i'm definitely working on a lot more stuff

thanks for your comment!


2014-10-18 15:55:53

You didn't include me?! :(

GuyUngerNL responds:

ohhh, sorry man
really the only reason for that is that I didn't search for video's that well
put it together super quick
maybe if ill ever make another one :P