wolvegames = GuyUngerNL

2016-08-28 10:45:02 by GuyUngerNL

Got tired of the wolve thing so decided to use the supporters feature to update my username to something more basic

Also doing ludum dare right now!

Recap of last two weeks

2016-07-12 19:55:58 by GuyUngerNL

Just wanted to quickly recap the last animation jam round

I don't know why I could do this but I decided to make a game and an animation for robot day/animation jam, in 2 weeks, while going to Hong Kong in the first week (which was a lot of fun). In hong kong I made a few drawings but nothing substantial. So the last days I was sleeping for maybe an hour every night.

Still I didn't manage to make the robot game as I hoped. I uploaded it in a super broken and contentless state (just 3 boring levels). I'm still working on it and updating it. I don't know where that places me in the competition, the date is on roboy day but am I still allowed to win that way?

But the most important thing is that I'm just really excited to be working hard again, hope you all missed me ;) (and that I can keep it up)

Going to start on the next animation round right now!

thank you newgrounds!

2015-01-02 18:11:01 by GuyUngerNL

Wow, a frontpage shoutout for me! 2014 was a great, great year for me and newgrounds was by far the most supportive all the way through

I can say nothing but _thank you so much newgrounds for just being awesome and helping me achieve my dreams_

love, wolve

Pewdiepie played our game

2014-12-20 18:42:50 by GuyUngerNL

pewdiepie just played our game, super cool! 



also don't forget to follow me on facebook and twitter =]





2013-12-06 14:28:33 by GuyUngerNL

Hey there! I'm Wolve, working very hard every day to make my dreams of becoming an awesome game developer come true.

If you like my games and want to help me out, following me on facebook or twitter would be an awesome way to do that!